Intravenous Iron Infusions


Iron sucrose infusions are for patients suffering from low ferritin levels that have not been amenable to oral iron supplements. At Boulder Biologics we offer healthy and active patients that struggle to maintain adequate iron levels intravenous infusion therapy.

Before starting iron infusion therapy, blood work is obtained to assess the degree of iron deficiency to determine infusion candidacy and the iron infusion dosage required to achieve a normal baseline. Repeat blood work is typically done two weeks after infusion to ensure adequate serum iron levels have been achieved.

Infusion appointments are approximately 90 minutes long and patient vital signs are monitored during and after infusion. Iron sucrose is infused intravenously in 250ml of normal saline over a 45-minute interval, and patients stay an additional 30 minutes after the infusion to ensure no medication reactions occur.

Per the patient’s health insurance coverage, the consultation with Dr. Glowney, laboratory testing and the iron medication (iron sucrose/Venofer) may or may not be covered. It is the patient’s responsibility to verify coverage with their insurance plan before making treatment arrangements. The infusion and patient monitoring are an out of pocket expense and will not be billed to insurance.

If you would like schedule an appointment for an iron infusion consultation, please contact Boulder Biologics by phone or email.